The RTX ARINC 717 SPA can receive ARINC 717 data through a USB/Serial port on your PC. The SPA717 is a special version of our standard SPA, and therefore, requires no batteries or power supplies. It will receive one ARINC 717 channel, either Biphase or Bipolar transmissions, and can be configured for any data rate.
Mil1553 MT
The RTX SPA 1553 MT monitors Mil-STD 1553 traffic on 2 channels, and sends the BC/RT, RT/BC, and RT/RT data as well as error information to an RS232 port
ARINC 429 Serial Port Adapter
The RTX ARINC 429 Serial Port Adapter is a
4 channel ARINC 429 interface that plugs into the Serial Port of any computer running any Operating System. It enables the computer to send and receive any ARINC 429 data, at high or low speeds, simultaneously on 4 channels. It requires no batteries or external power supplies


The RTX ARINC 429 Monitor is a specially priced, 1 receive channel only package, consisting of a Single Channel Version of both the RTX ARINC 429 Serial Port Adapter, and the Vortex Software GUI, for a combined price of less than $1000.
Mil1553 PCI card
The RTX Map Interface Device will convert the ARINC 429 output of your GPS to RS232 NMEA format. It requires no programming at all, and uses no batteries or external power supplies. Just plug it into your laptop. Works with most off-the-shelf navigation software packages.
The RTX VORTEX software package makes it simple to transmit, receive, and record ARINC 429 data, with the RTX Serial Port Adpater, without any programming. Label filtering, engineering unit conversion and stream transmissions are included as part of the package.
The RTX ARINC 429 PCI card can be purchased with as few as 2 ARINC 429 channels or as many as 30 channels. Each channel can be either a transmit channel or a receive channel, in any combination, and can be independently configured.
The RTX Mil-1553 PC104 card can support 1 or 2 dual independent Mil-STD-1553 channels. It can be setup as either a Bus Master or an RT (or both), and can be configured above or below the Megabyte boundry. An Extended temperature version is available.
The RTX ARINC 429 PC104 card is configurable with up to 32 fully independent ARINC 429 channels in a PC104 package. Additional options include an ARINC 717 receive channel.
The RTX Mil-1553 PCI card has a dual redundant channel, which can be configured as a BC and/or 32 RTs. Windows drivers provided, VORTEX is available.
PC104-1553 card
Arinc 429 PC104 card
ARINC 429 PCI card

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